Author Title
Alder, P. Get Smarter at Bridge
American Contract Bridge League Duplicate Decisions (Reference only)
Anderson, R. Lebensohl Convention Complete in Contract Bridge
Anderson, R. The Lebensohl Convention
Anderson, R. Preempts from A to Z
Auken, S. I Love This Game
Axelsen,B &Villy Dam. Matchpoint tricks,
Belladonna, G. & Garozzo, B. Precision & Super-precision Bidding
Bergen, M Bergen's Best Bridge Quizzes. Vol 1
Bergen, M Bergen's Best Bridge Tips
Bergen, M Declarer Play The Bergen Way
Bergen, M Bergen for the Defense
Bergen, M Marty Sez…
Bergen, M Better Bidding With Bergen(Vol.1-Uncontest Auct).
Bergen, M Better Bidding With Bergen (Vol 2-Competitive Bid)
Bergen, M Points Schmoints: Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets.
Bergen, M More Points Schmoints.
Bergen, M Negative Doubles.
Bergen, M. Better Bidding Judgement: Bergen Way.1NT Forcing.
Bergen, M. Hand Evaluation: Points, Schmoints!
Bergen, M. Understanding Forcing 1NT.
Bergen, M. Hand Evaluation. Points Schmoints!
Bergen, M. Better Rebidding with Bergen,
Bergen, M. To Open, Or Not To Open,
Bergen, M. More Marty Sez vol 2
Bergen, M. Marty Sez Vol 3
Berkowitz, D & Manley, B. Precision Today,
Berthe, R. & Lebley, N. Step-By-Step: Card Play in No Trumps.
Bird, D 25 Bridge Myths Exposed.
Bird, D Bridge Card Play Made Easy
Bird, D Another 52 Great Bridge Tips
Bird, D Off Road Declarer Play.Unusual Ways to Play a Hand
Bird, D Bridge Endplays for Everyone
Bird, D Celestial Card Play
Bird, D The Abbot & The Sensational Squeeze.
Bird, D Bridge Squeezes For Everyone.(2 copies).
Bird, D The Adventures Of Robin Hood.
Bird, D 10 Ways To Improve Your Bridge.
Bird, D Having Nun, Partner.
Bird, D & Bourke, T The Simple Squeeze- Test your technique
Bird, D & Bourke, T Planning in Suit contracts-Test your technique
Bird, D & Bourke, T Elimination Plays - Test your technique
Bird, D & Bourke, T Defending Suit Contracts-Test your bridge tech.
Bird, D & Bourke, T Avoidance Play - Test your bridge tech
Bird, D & Bourke, T Endplays and Coups
Bird, D & Bourke, T Planning in Notrump Contracts
Bird, D & Bourke, T Defending Notrump Contracts-Test your Bridge Tech
Bird, D & Bourke, T Entry Management-Test your Bridge Technique
Bird, D & Bourke, T The Magic Of Bridge,
Bird, D & Bourke, T Tournament Acol:A System For Winners.
Bird, D & Bourke, T Saints And Sinners: The St Titus Bridge Challenge.
Bird, D & Cocheme, S Bachelor Bridge: Amorous Advent's of Jack O'Hearts
Bird, D & Forrester, T Secrets Of Expert Card Play.
Bird, D & Helgemo, G Bridge With Imagination.
Bird, D & Hoffman,M Inspired Play
Bird, D & Klinger, R Kosher Bridge.
Bird, D & Klinger, R Kosher Bridge 2
Bird, D & Klinger, R The Rabbi's Magic Trick.
Bird, D & Sarantakos, N Bridge Hands to Make You Laugh & Cry
Bird, D & Sarantakos, N Famous Bridge Records.
Bird, D & Smith, M Deceptive Card Play. ( Bridge Technique Series 5 )
Bird, D & Smith, M Planning In Suit Contracts. ( Bridge Technique 6 )
Bird, D & Smith, M Defensive Signalling.(8).
Bird, D & Smith, M Squeezes Made Simple.
Bird, D & Smith, M Planning The Play In No Trump.(7).
Bird, D & Smith, M Planning In Defense.
Bird, D & Smith, M Reading The Cards.
Bird, D & Smith, M Tricks With Finesses.( Q).
Bird, D & Smith, M Entry Management.(Bridge Technique Series 1 ).
Bird, D & Smith, M Tricks with Trumps. (Bridge Technique series 2)
Bird, D & Smith, M Safety Plays ( Bridge Technique Series 3 ).
Bird, D & Smith, M Eliminations & Throw-Ins.(Bridge Technique 4 )
Blackwood, E. & Hanson, K. Card Play Fundamentals.
Boeder, J. Thinking about IMPS
Boehm, A. Wielding the Axe
Boehm, A. Demon Defense and Demon Doubling
Boehm, A. Three Notrump in Depth
Boehm, A.W. Private Sessions-A Bridge Education.
Bourke, T The Maastricht Challenge Bridge Quiz.
Bourke, T & Hoffman, M Imagination & Technique in Bridge.
Bourke, T & Smith, M Countdown to Winning Bridge.
Brecher, E Hocus-Pocus
Brecher, E & Pottage, J More Hocus -Pocus
Brock, R Step-By-Step: Planning in Defence.
Brock, R The Best Of Gray: The Country Life Book of Bridge.
Brock, R No Trump Play.
Brock, R Expert Defence.
Brock, R & S Expert Tuition For Tounament Bridge.
Brock, R & S Great Hands I wish I had Played(2copies)
Brock, S Step-By-Step Overcalls.
Brock, S Playing With Trumps.
Brock, S Suit Combinations In Bridge.
Brock, S Easy Guide to Five Card Majors
Brock, S (ed) The Complete Book Of Bols Tips.
Brock, S and Regal, B Fit for a King (Missing)
Brock, S. Leading Questions in Bridge
Brown, R Natural Precision:Effective,aggressive but natural
Browne, D Advanced Bridge - Uncontested Auctions
Browne, D. Improvers' Bridge.
Browne, D. Benjamin Twos.
Bruno, S & Hardy, M Two-over-one Game Force: An Introduction. (M)
Butts, J Play Bridge: A Workbook For The Complete Beginner.
Cappelletti, M & Lewis, E Cappelleti Over No Trump.
Coffin, G. Bridge Play From A To Z.
Cohen, B & Lederer,R All About Acol
Cohen, C and Barrow, R. Bidding Better Bridge
Cohen, L Bidding Challenge.
Cohen, L My Favorite 52
Cohen, L To Bid Or Not To Bid: The Law Of Total Tricks. (2)
Cohen, L Following The Law: The Totai Tricks Sequel.
Cohen, L Intro. To the Law.(Law of Total Tricks Simplified)
Cohen, L & Davis, L Bridge Below The Belt.
Colchamiro, M How you can Play Like an Expert
Cole B. FishHeads.
Cotter, P. &Rimington, D. Bridge Play Technique.
Courtney, M. Play Cards with Tim Seres.
 Corkhill, A and Hunt, W  Mabel and Mary's Light Bulb Bridge
Crowhurst, E. Acol In Competition.
Crowhurst, E. & Kambites, A. Understanding Acol:The Good Bidding Guide.
Cummings, D. The Cummimgs Collection:Syd Morning & Sun Herald.
Darvas, R & de V. Hart, N. Right Through The Pack.
Darvas, R. & Lukacs, P. Spotlight On Card Play.
Dick, R. Better Bidding for Improving Players(Copy A, B)
Dick, Ross Common Bidding Mistakes to Avoid (copyB)
Dick, Ross Common Bidding Mistakes to Avoid
Dick, Ross Better Bidding for Improving Players
Dormer, A. The New Complete Book Of Bridge.
Dufresne, M, A & Ellingsen, M. Bridge with Bells & Whistles.
Dutton, N. Moscito With Symmetric Relay.
Ewen, R.B. Opening Leads.
Ewen, R.B. Doubles For Takeout, Penalties and Profit.
Ewen, R.B. Preemptive Bidding.
Ewen, Robert B. Oprning Leads
Fairbrother, C. Partnership Agreements
Falk, A Spingold Challenge.
Falk, A. Team Trial.
Feldheim, H. Winning Swiss Team Tactics in Bridge.
Feldheim, H. Five Card Major Bidding In Contract Bridge.
Feldheim, H. The Weak Two In Bridge:Revised Edition.
Feldheim, H. Tactical Bidding.
Feldheim, H. Negative Responsive and Other Competitive Doubles.
Flannery, B. The Flannery 2 Diamond Opening .
Flint, J & North F. Tiger Bridge Revisited.
Flint, J & Reese, T. Bridge With The Professional Touch.
Forquet, P. Bridge With The Blue Team.( ed Klinger R.)
Forrester, T. Secrets Of Success.(3Copies).1 arch
Forrester, T. Secrets Of Success.( Copy A).
Forrester, T. The Bridge Player's Bedside Book.
Forrester, T. Vintage Forrester: Writings - The Daily Telegragh.
Forrester, T. & Senior, B. Over Your Shoulder: Learn from the experts.
Francis, H & Senior, B. The Bermuda Bowl: History and all Time Best Deals.
Gardener, N. Master Bridge.
Garozzo, B. & Yallouze, L. The Blue Club.
Gitelman, F Masterclass. Lessons from The Bridge Table
Goren, C.H. & Wei, C.C. Precision Bidding For Everyone.
Goren, Charles H. Point Count Bidding in Contract Bridge
Granovetter, M Murder At The Bridge Table.
Granovetter, M & P Bridge Conventions In Depth,A,B.
Granovetter, M & P( eds.) The Best Of Bridge Today Digest
Granovetter, M & P(eds.) The Best Of Bridge Today Digest.
Granovetter, M & T Tops & Bottoms.
Granovetter, P & M A Switch In Time.
Granovetter, P & M Forgive Me Partner!:Guide / Successful Partnership
Granovetter, P & M(eds.) For Experts Only: Selected Essays On Bridge.
Grant Audrey Opening Leads Against No Trump Contracts (3)
Grant, A Improving Your Judgement (2 copies)
Grant, A ACBL Bridge Stories
Grant, A The Club Series Book 1
Grant, A The Diamon Series Vol.2
Grant, A The Heart Series Book 3
Grant, A Bridge Basics. 2 copies
Grant, A. & Rodwell, E. 2 Over 1 Game Force. (3 copies).
Groner, A Duplicate Bridge Direction. (Missing)
Grotheim, G. & Sontag, A. The Viking Precision Club:Relay System / 21st C.
Hall, P. Competitive Bidding At Pairs.
Hallen, H., Hanner, O., & Jannersten, P. Bridge Movements- A Fair Approach. (Missing)
Hamman, B & Manley, B. At The Table: My Life And Times.
Hardy, M. Two Over One Game Force Quiz Book.
Hardy, M. The Problems With Major Suit Raises And How To Fix
Hardy, M. Two Over One Game Force.
Hardy, M. Competitive Bidding With Two Suited Hands.
Hardy, M. Two Over One Game Force. Revised.
Hardy, M. Splinters And Other Shortness Bids.
Hardy, M. Standard Bidding For The @1st Century.
Hoffman, M. Defence in Depth.2 copies
Hoffman, M. & Smith, M. Over Hoffman's Shoulder.
Hoffman, M. &Wei-Sender, K. On The Other Hand:A Bridge From East To West.
Holtham, Paul. Bridge Mix.
Horton, M The Hands of Time
Horton, M Bridge Master vesus Bridge amateur
Horton, M. Step-By-Step Signalling.
Horton, M. & Kielbasinski, R. The Bridge Magician,
Horton, M. & Senior, B. For Love Or Money.
Horton, M. & Sowter, T. Bridge: Learn From The Stars.
Horton, Mark Misplay These Hands With Me
Horton, Mark& Van Cleef, J. The Mysterious Multi (2 copies)
Horton, S. Double Trouble.2 copies
Huggett, D. & Cashmore, S. Plan The Play:Intermediate Declarer Play.2 copies
Hughes, Roy Card By Card(Adventures at the Bridge Table)
Hughes, Roy Building a bidding System
Jacoby, J.O. & Falk, A. Bridge Toolkit:Expert Tool/ Fixr Bridge Problems.
Jannersten, E. Precision Bridge.
Jayaram R. Moments of Truth at the Bridge Table.
Jayaram,R & Ghanem,G The Romance of Bridge
Johnson, J Classic Bridge Quotes.
Jourdain, P Problem Corner
Kambites, A Duplicate Pairs For You.
Kambites, A Slam Bidding For You.
Kambites, A Defensive Skills For You.
Kambites, A Signals And Discards For You.
Kambites, A Card-Placing For You.2 copies
Kantar, E Kantar on Kontract.
Kantar, E Take all Your Chances at Bridge
Kantar, E Advanced Bridge Defence (Copy B)
Kantar, E B Keycard Blackwood. The Untold Story (2 copies)
Kantar, E. Topics in Card Play at Bridge 2 copies
Kantar, E. Roman Keycard Blackwood. The Final Word.
Kantar, E. Modern Bridge Defense.
Kantar, E. Advanced Bridge Defence.
Kantar, E.B. Roman Keycard Blackwood:Slam Bidding For The 21stC
Kantar, E.B. Introduction To Declarer's Play.
Kantar, E.B. Defensive Bridge Play.Complete.
Kantar, E.B. Test Your Bridge Play Vol.1
Kantar, E.B. Test Your Bridge Play Vol.2.
Kantar, E.B. Kantar For The Defense Vol. 1.
Kantar, E.B. Kantar For The Defense Vol. 2.
Kantar, E.B. A New Approach To Play and Defense. Vol.1.
Kantar, E.B. A New Approach To Play and Defense. Vol.2.
Kantar, E.B. The Best Of Eddie Kantar.
Kantar, E.B. Roman Keycard Blackwood.
Kantar, E.B. Bridge For Dummies.
Kantar, E.B. Classic Kantar: A Collection of Bridge Humour.
Kantar, Edwin B. Defensive Bridge Play Complete
Kauder,J.S. Creative Card Play:The Cure For Unimaginative Brid
Kay,N.,Silador,S.,& Karpin, F. The Complete Book Of Duplicate Bridge.(Updated).
Kearse, A. Bridge Conventions Complete.
Kelsey & Bourke Bridge Quiz for Improving Players
Kelsey, H Test Your Timing
Kelsey, H. Match-Point Bridge.
Kelsey, H. Logical Bridge Play.
Kelsey, H. Slam Bidding.
Kelsey, H. Winning Card Play.
Kelsey, H. Test Your Finessing.
Kelsey, H. Test Your Trump Control.
Kelsey, H. The Tricky Game:Deceptive Plays To Winning Bridge.
Kelsey, H. Simple Squeezes.
Kelsey, H. Countdown To Better Bridge.
Kelsey, H. Improve Your Partner's Defence.
Kelsey, H. Test Your Card Play ( Vol 1).
Kelsey, H. Test Your Card Play ( Vol 2).
Kelsey, H. Triple Squeezes.
Kelsey, H. Bridge For The Connoisseur.
Kelsey, H. Test Your Card Play (Vol 3).
Kelsey, H. Test Your Card Play (Vol 4).
Kelsey, H. Advanced Play At Bridge.
Kelsey, H. Killing Defence At Bridge.
Kelsey, H. Test Your Card Play (Vol 5).
Kelsey, H. Test Your Card Play (Vol 6).
Kelsey, H. How To Improve Your Bridge.
Kelsey, H. More Killing Defence At Bridge.
Kelsey, H. The Needle Match.
Kelsey, H. & Matheson, J. Improve Your Opening Leads2 copies.(Reprint 1995).
Kelsey, H. W. Killing Defence at Bridge
Kelsey, H. W. Match Point Bridge
Kelsey, H.W How to Improve your Bridge (Copy B)
Kelsey, H.W. Improve your Partner's Defence (Copy B)
Kimelman, N Improve Your Bidding Judgement 2 copies (Missing)
King, P. & R. The New Kings' Tales.
King, P. & R. The Kings' Tales.
King, P. & R. Contract Killers.
King, P. & R. Farewell, My Dummy.
King, P. & R. Your Deal, Mr Bond.
King, P. & R. The Hog In The 21st Century.(Mollo's Menagerie)X 2
Kleinman, D The No Trump Zone. (Missing)
Kleinman, D & Staguzzi, N Human Bridge Errors-Vol1
Kleinman, D & Staguzzi, N The Principle of Restricted Talent
Klinger, R 5 Card Major Stayman
Klinger, R Improve Your Declarer Play at No-Trumps
Klinger, R Improve Your Opening Leads
Klinger, R Right Through The Pack Again
Klinger, R Acol Bridge Made Easy
Klinger, R How to Play Contract Bridge
Klinger, R. Guide To Better Card Play.Copy A.
Klinger, R. When to Bid, When to Pass.A & B
Klinger, R. The Power of Shape A & B
Klinger, R. Ron Klinger's Master Class
Klinger, R. Bridge is Fun
Klinger, R. Ron Klinger answers your Bridge Queries
Klinger, R. Playing To Win At Bridge.
Klinger, R. Winning Bridge: Trick By Trick.2 copies
Klinger, R. Cue Bidding To Slams.
Klinger, R. World Championship Bridge.
Klinger, R. The Bridge Player Who Laughed.
Klinger, R. Bridge Without Error.
Klinger, R. Guide To Better Card Play.Copy B& C.
Klinger, R. Improve Your Bridge Memory. 2 copies (Missing)
Klinger, R. 50 Winning Duplicate Tips.2 copies
Klinger, R. Five-Card Majors.
Klinger, R. Bridge Conventions, Defences And Countermeasures.
Klinger, R. The Power System:Five Bids To Winning Bridge.
Klinger, R. Guide To Better Duplicate Bridge.
Klinger, R. Power Acol.
Klinger, R. Bid Better, Much Better.Copy A.
Klinger, R. Bid Better, Much Better.Copy B.
Klinger, R. Guide to Better Acol Bridge
Klinger, R. The Bridge Player who Laughed (Copy B)
Klinger, R. Bridge Conventions & Counter-measures
Klinger, R. & Kambites, A. Understanding Duplicate Pairs.
Klinger, R. & Kambites, A. Understanding the Uncontested Auction.
Klinger, R. & Kambites, A. Card Play Made Easy (Vol 4):Timing & Comunication.
Klinger, R. & Kambites, A. Bridge Conventions For You.
Klinger, R. & Kambites, A. Card Play Made Easy (Vol 1)Safety Plays & Endplay.
Klinger, R. & Kambites, A. Card Play Made Easy (Vol 2)Know Suit Combinations.
Klinger, R. & Kambites, A. How Good is Your Bridge Hand?
Klinger, R. & Kambites, A. Understanding The Contested Auction.
Klinger, Ron Cue Bidding to Slams
Klinger, Ron Master Bridge Series, 5-Card Major Stayman
Klinger, Ron Master Bridge Series, To Win At Bridge
Klinger, Ron Master Bridge Series, Right Through The Pack Again
Laderman, J. A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play
Lavinthal, Hy Defense Strategy in Bridge
Lawrence, M &Wirgren, A. I Fought The Law of Total Tricks
Lawrence, M (CD) Counting At Bridge
Lawrence, M. Judgement At Bridge.
Lawrence, M. Dynamic Defence.
Lawrence, M. How to Read Your Opponent's cards(2nd ed.).
Lawrence, M. Falsecards.
Lawrence, M. How To Play Card Combinations.
Lawrence, M. The Complete Book On Overcalls In Contract Bridge.
Lawrence, M. The Complete Guide To Passed Hand Bidding.
Lawrence, M. M. L's Bidding Quizzes Vol 1:Uncontested Auction.
Lawrence, M. The Complete Guide To Contested Auctions.
Lawrence, M. Play A Swiss Teams Of Four With Mike Lawrence.
Lawrence, M. The Complete Book On Takeout Doubles.
Lawrence, M. Disturbing the Opponents' No Trump.
Lawrence, M. The Complete Book On Hand Evaluation.
Lawrence, M.(CD) Counting At Bridge Two
Lawrence,M. Double!
Le Dentu, J. Triumphs And Disasters.
Leve, G The Encyclopedia of Card Play Techniques at Bridge
Lindkvist, M., Nisland, M., & Wirigren, A. No Trump Bidding The Scanian Way.(Vol 2).
Lipkin, M. Invitation To Annihilation.
Love, C.E. Bridge Squeezes Complete:Winning Endplay Strategy.
Love, Clyde E. Bridge Sqeezes Complete or Winning End Play Strat.
Lukacs, P & Rubens, J. Test Your Play as Declarer( Vol 1 ) A, B.
Lukacs, P & Rubens, J. Test Your Play as Declarer( Vol 2 )A, B.
MacKinnon, R, F Bridge Probability & Information
MacKinnon,R.F Michelieu Plays Bridge
Mahmood, Z. Bridge My Way.
Mahmood, Z. & Burn, D. Around The World in 80 Hands.
Mahmood, Z. & Grant, A. Declarer Play For Beginners.
Mansfield, E. The Ultimate Limits.
Markus, Rixi Bid Boldy Play Safe
Marsdon, P Partnership Bidding
Marston, P. The Principles Of Card Play. (Missing)
Marston, P. Introduction To Bridge (5-card majors). (Missing)
Marston, P. Winning Decisions In Competitive Bidding.
Marston, Paul The Language of Bidding - Five Card Majors
Martens, Krzysztof. Bidding like Music - The World of Transfers
Maston, Paul Introduction To Bridge - Four Card Majors
McCance, Ian The Setting Trick. Practical Problems in Defense
McKinnon, I. Bridge Directing Complete.
McNeil, K. Match Your Bidding Against The Masters.
Meckstroth, J &Smith, M. Win the Bermuda Bowl With Me.
Mendelson, P. Mendelson's Guide To The Bidding Battle.
Miles, M Modern Constructive Bidding
Miles, M It's Your Call
Miles, M. Inferences at Bridge.
Miles, M. Competitive Bidding In The 21st Century.
Miles, M. Bridge From the Top (Book 1).
Miles, M. All Fifty-Two Cards.
Miles, M. Stronger Competitive Bidding.
Miles, M. Defensive Signals.
Mollo Victor Diamonds are the Hog's Best Friend
Mollo, V. Murder in The Menagerie
Mollo, V. Bridge In The Menagerie.
Mollo, V. Bridge:Case For the Defence.2 copies
Mollo, V. Bridge In The Fourth Dimension.
Mollo, V. Masters And Monsters: The Human Side Of Bridge.
Mollo, V. Streamline Your Card Play.
Mollo, V. You Need Never Lose At Bridge:Happy Days/Menagerie
Mollo, V. I Challenge You: Improve Your Game.
Mollo, V. Destiny At Bay:Magic From Menagerie.
Mollo, V. V Mollo's Bridge Quiz Book.
Mollo, V. The Hog Takes to Precision
Mollo, V. & King, R. Winning Bridge In The Menagerie.
Mollo, V., King, P. & King, R. Bridge In The Fifth Dimension.X 2
Mollo, Victor & Gardener Nico Card Play Technique - Or the Art of Being Lucky
Mould, A. Step-by-Step Slam Bidding.
Mould, A. Step-by-Step Pre-empts.
Nicholson, J. Why Women Lose At Bridge.
Nilsland, M. Absolute Doubles- The Scanion Way.Vol 4.
North, F. Conventional Bidding Explained.
North, F. Cards At Play.
North, F. Bridge: The Vital Principles.
North, F. Bridge: Basic Defence.
North, F. Plan Your Defence.
O'Connor, P. The First Book of Bridge Problems (4 copies)
Ottik, G. & Kelsey, H. Adventures In Card Play.Copy A,B.
Parson,D. Fall of the Cards,
Payne, D & Amsbury, J. Bridge: TNT & Cometitive Bidding.
Pottage J Easy Guide to Defensive Signals at bridge
Pottage, J. Masterpieces of Defense
Pottage, J. Win The Big Match
Pottage, J. The Golden Rules of Opening Leads
Pottage, J. Clues From The Bidding
Pottage, J. Defend these Hands With Me.
Pottage, J. A great Deal of Bridge Problems
Pottage, J. Bridge Problems For A New Millenium.
Pottage, J. & Burrows,P The Art of Psychic Bidding and Its Pitfalls
Pottage, J. & Smith, M The Golden Rules Of Declarer Play.
Pottage, J. & Smith, M. The Golden Rules of Competitive Auctions,
Pottage, J. & Smith, M. The Golden Rules of Constructive Bidding.
Pottage, J. & Smith, M. The Golden Rules Of Defence.
Preist, D. Problems In Play:First Book Of Penguin Problems.
Preist, D. Problems In Play:2nd Book Of Penguin Problems.
Priebe, J. Thinking On Defense.
Priebe, J. Takeout Double. A Bridge Mystery
Priebe, J. Matchpoint Defense
Priest, D. Problems in Play (Copy B)
Priest, Denis Problems in Play - First Book of Bridge Problems 2
Reese, T & Bird, D. Bridge, The Modern Game.
Reese, T & Bird, D. Doubled & Venerable:Further Miracles Of Card Play
Reese, T & Bird, D. Bridge: Tricks Of the Trade.Copy A. (Missing)
Reese, T & Bird, D. Miracles Of Card Play.
Reese, T & Bird, D. ACOL In The 90's.
Reese, T & Bird, D. All You Need To Know About Bidding.
Reese, T & Bird, D. The Art Of Good Bidding.
Reese, T & Bird, D. Divine Intervention.
Reese, T & Bird, D. Famous Play Decisions.
Reese, T & Dormer, A. The Play Of The Cards.A & B.
Reese, T & Kantar, E Defend With Your Life
Reese, T & Pottage, J Positive Declarer Play At Bridge(2nd ed.)
Reese, T & Pottage, J. Positive Defence.
Reese, T & Pottage, J. The Extra Edge In Play.
Reese, T. Play These Hands With Me. (Better Bridge Now)
Reese, T. Play Bridge With Reese.
Reese, T. Bridge 2 copies
Reese, T. Advanced Bridge
Reese, T. Story of an Accusation
Reese, T. Do You Really Want To Win At Bridge? (Copy A)
Reese, T. Master Play in Contract Bridge.
Reese, T. Developing Your Bridge Judgement.
Reese, T. Do You Really Want To Win At Bridge? (Copy B). (M)
Reese, T. & Bird, D. Acol in the 90's (Copy B)
Reese, T. & Trezel, R. Blocking And Unblocking Plays In Bridge.MBS.
Reese, T. & Trezel, R. Safety Plays In Bridge.MBS.
Reese, T. & Trezel, R. Elimination Play In Bridge.MBS.
Reese, T. & Trezel, R. When To Duck When To Win In Bridge.MBS.2copies
Reese, T. & Trezel, R. Master The Odds In Bridge.MBS.
Reese, T. & Trezel, R. Snares And Swindles In Bridge.MBS.2 copies
Reese, T. & Trezel, R. The Mistakes You Make At Bridge.
Reese, T. & Trezel, R. The Aret of Defence in Bridge
Reese, Terence The Blue Club
Reese, Terence Precision Bidding and Precision Play
Reese, Terence Play Bridge with Reese
Reese, Terence Reese on Play - An Introduction to Good Bridge
Reese, Terence & Dormer, Albert The Complete Book of Bridge
Reese, Terence & Trezel, Roger Elimination Play in Bridge
Reese, Terence & Trezel, Roger Safety Plays in Bridge
Reese, Terence & Trezel, Roger Blocking & Unblocking Plays in Bridge
Rexford, K. Cuebidding at Bridge: A Modern Approach
Rexford, Ken Cuebidding at Bridge
Rigal, B Deceptive Defense(vol2).The Art of Bamboozling
Rigal, B Deceptive Declarer Play(vol1)The Art of Bamboozlng
Rigal, B Deception in Defence
Rigal, B Test Your Bridge Judgement
Rigal, B. Step-By-Step:Deceptive Declarer Play.2 copies
Rigal, B. Precision In The 90's.
Rimington, D. & Klinger, R. Improve Your Bidding And Play.
Robson, A. & Segal, O. Partnership Bidding At Bridge:Contested Auction.
Rodwell, E. The Rodwell Files: Secrets of a Bridge Champion
Romm, D Things your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You
Romm,D Things Your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You.
Root, W.S. Commonsense Bidding.
Root, W.S. The Play Of The Hand.A & B
Root, W.S. How To Defend A Bridge Hand.
Root, W.S. & Pavlicek, R. Modern Bridge Conventions.
Root, William, S. & Pavlicek, R. Modern Bridge Conventions
Rosenkranz, G & Alder, P.. Bid To Win, Play For Pleasure.
Rosenkranz, G. Everything You Wanted To Know About Trump Leads.
Rosenkranz, G. Tips For Tops.
Rosenkranz, G. More Tips For Tops.
Rosenkranz, G. & Truscott, A. Bidding On Target.
Rosler, L., & Rubens, J. Journalist Leads.
Roth, D. Pathways to Better Bridge Defense,
Roth, D. Challenge Your Declarer Play.
Roth, D. Signal Success In Bridge.
Roth, D. The Expert Improver.
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Roth, D. Focus On Defence.
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