Brisbane, Australia

Coming Event - TOOWONG IMP PAIRS CONGRESS - 9.30am

TOOWONG IMP PAIRS CONGRESS - 9.30am     More details
DateSunday, 2 February 2020, starting 9.30am
MealsBYO Lunch
Other informationCLOSED
Entry fee - $60 per pair
Entries close: 12.30pm Friday 31st January 2019
Entry formEntry form available for download from QBA web site.
DetailsEight 7-board matches with a seeded 1st round draw and Swiss thereafter based on all processed scores.
 Green, Blue and Red systems. Brown Stickers accepted
 Should entry numbers warrant the division of the field for secondary prize money purposes, it shall be divided on the Director’s initial seeding.
 Each player must have an approved current ABF system card.
Lodging an entryHow to enter:
  ¶ Complete a paper entry form
  ¶ Email an entry to the convenor at
 ¶ Lodge online entry for TOOWONG IMP PAIRS CONGRESS - 9.30am
List of entriesEntries processed to date:
 TOOWONG IMP PAIRS CONGRESS - 9.30am (62 entries logged)

1Ian Barfoot / Jenny Williams  
2Wendy Casey / Barbara Moni  
4Phil Hale / Laurie Skeate  
5Kuldip Bedi / Janine Solomen  
6Val Holbrook / Annette Corkhill  
7Janet Price / Richard Spelman  
8Sandra Mulcahy / Fiona Hosier  
9Elaine Kelly / Sandra Hall  
10Sherrell Cardinal / Neville Clatworthy  
11Yolande Coroneo / Jane Farquhar  
12Narelle McIver / Bernadette O'Connell  
13Christine NEWBERY / Annette SCOTT  
14Daria Williams / Ian Cameron  
15Barry Koster / Daniel Chua  
16Hazel Parkins / Rosemary Thomson  
17Terry Strong / Jill Magee  
18Peter Allingham / Lin Kendall  
19Sameer Pandya / Kathleen Clifford  
20Peter Nilsson / Alan Boyce  
21Jo Neary / Pat Eather  
22Christine Baynes / Rozanne Thomas  
23Anne Lamport / Edward Levy  
24Ian Pick / Graham Carson  
25Deanne Gaskill / Barry Williams  
26Wendy Cuthbert / Murray Perrin  
27Abigail Wanigaratne / Andrew Gosney  
28Ian Halford / Michelle Radke  
29Gail Cowen / Lesley Meyer  
30Vesna Markovic / Voyko Markovic  
31James Williamson / Janelle Williamson  
32Bruce Sabine / Jim Porter  
33Eugene Pereira / Sumant Handa  
34Ralph Parker / Lynne Gray  
35Dot Piddington / Trevor Fletcher N/S seating 
36John Scrivens / Sunil Mukherjee  
37Richard Fox / Raelene Clark  
38Tony Treloar / Cheryl Stone  
39Lesley Anderson / Alan Griffin  
40Jan Malinas / Sarah Strickland  
41Rachel LANGDON / Nikolas MOORE Payment received 
42Martin QIN / Charlie LU  
43Warren Males / Kathy Males  
44Louise Collins / Terry Collins Payment recceived 
45Dawn Benes / Lorraine Pescatore  
46Jennifer Vickers / Wal Brake  
47Kinitra Hutchinson / Michael Clibbon  
48Eileen Li / Watson Zhou  
49Sue Ziegenfuss / Tim Runting  
50Julie Mannion / Moira Daly  
51Margaret Prentice / Geoff Saxby  
52Denise Rogers / Lee Rogers  
53Clary Harridge / Jim Fouras  
54Loraine King / Helen Clayton  
55Dominique Treloar / Alison Banks  
56Angeline Christie / Pat Beattie  
57Sandra CONOPLIA / Lynette ASBURY COSS  
58Linda Norman / Wendy Gibson  
59Tere Wotherspoon / Charles Page  
60Kerry Wood / Charles Howard  
61Eylece White / Tina Holmes  
62Gill Phillippo / Peter Munro Stand by Pair