Deeper Into The Fake Rolex Yacht-Master

The Yacht-Master is not the first watch designed by Rolex specifically for the adventurer at sea. But rather than focusing on the usability of the watch as a tool, as with the Submariner, Rolex has focused on creating a boating tool with an eye to both the luxury and aesthetic look of the watch. More luxurious than the Submariner, sportier than the Datejust, and simpler than the GMT-Master, the fake Rolex Yacht-Master is the brand's nautical-inspired luxury sports watch. the Yacht-Master line is also one of Rolex's younger watch collections. Today I will take you deeper into the Rolex Yacht-Master.

16623 Rolex Yacht-Master Mens Automatic

Early Models

When the Yacht-Master was first introduced in 1992, it seemed like it could capitalize on the success of Rolex's first nautical inspired watch, the Submariner. The original Yacht-Master may have been a redesign of the Submariner, although it looked like an early model of the Rolex Daytona. Many changes were made, including the size, which was slightly larger than the Daytona's 36mm at 39.5 mm. Other changes included etched bezel inserts permanently welded to the bezel, larger hands and maximum markers, and smooth rounded edges. Although it was created in the 1960s, it was not initially released. Some believe Rolex thought the changes to the Submariner were too drastic and created an entirely new model: the Yacht-Master. Rolex originally introduced the new Yacht-Master in 1992 with model number 16628. as with all Rolex fake watches, the Yacht-Master focuses on strength and durability and therefore features a triple crown that can withstand up to 100 meters (330 feet) of water. While maintaining strength and durability, Rolex also expects luxury materials and design from this watch. The watch is made of 18kt yellow gold with a white dial on top and measures 40mm. inside the watch is a 3135 movement, the same movement used in the Rolex Submariner. With its golden features and impeccable style, in 1994 Rolex launched the fake Rolex Yacht-Master in a medium-sized 35mm version, model number 69628, which was specifically aimed at the Asian market or, more specifically, at men with smaller wrists. In the same year, Rolex launched a 29mm yacht version of the Yacht-Master for women, number 69628. In parallel with the continuous improvement of the model, Rolex also released a new version of the 40mm men's Yacht-Master in 1994. 18-carat gold with a beautiful blue sunray dial. Similarly, in 1999, Rolex refined the Yacht-Master design by launching a stainless steel version in 40mm at the Basel Fair. This mixture of steel and platinum was known as the Role. the unique feature of this model was its platinum dial. This version was also the first modern Yacht-Master, bringing back the timeless marker and the original hands.

Setting Up

To set your fake Rolex Yacht-Master, we have hour, minute and second hands date window, bi-directional rotatable bezel and finally, winding crown winding crown has four positions, numbered from zero to three positions, zero position is fully closed and the crown should be located in which at any time, if you have not set the watch position, then you can manually wind the movement position to quickly set the date and position. Third, the crown is automatically unscrewed by rotating the crown counterclockwise in time, at which point the crown naturally pops out to the first position line. The stem is manually wound by rotating it 20 turns, pull the stem gently to the second position where you can rotate the stem to quickly change the date, pull the stem out to the third and final position or the seconds hand stops and you can now set the time if you passover the date will also advance and ensure that the winding crown is fully tightened and rotate it clockwise to push the crown against the case to ensure water resistance. The Rolex Yacht-Master has been around for less than thirty years, but it is clear that it has become an active part of the company's catalog. The history and evolution of the Rolex Yacht-Master has paved the way for a wide selection of sizes, metals and styles in the current production and pre-owned fake Rolex Yacht-Master models. If you are looking for a sporty Rolex with a serious vibe, this is the ideal watch model.

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