Brisbane, Australia

Session Times

MONDAY1.30 pm3.30 pmSupervised play
 10.00 am1.00 pmNormal Duplicate
 2.30 pm5.00 pmMentor Monday on alternate Mondays
TUESDAY 10.00 am1.00 pmNormal duplicate
 6.30 pm8.30 pmSupervised play
WEDNESDAY10.00 am1.00 pmNormal duplicate
 6.00 pm9.00 pmNormal duplicate
THURSDAY1.15pm4.00pm There will be no tea breaks so please bring your own..
 7.00 pm10.00 pmCancelled except for the GNOT on the 27th May and 3rd June 2021
 9.30am12.30pmNormal duplicate - There will be no tea breaks so please bring your own.
FRIDAY10.00 am1.00 pmNormal duplicate
SATURDAY 10.00 am12.00 noonSupervised play
 1.00 pm4.00 pmNormal duplicate

Available from 1st December - Players can come to any Monday to Friday without a partner - we guarantee one.
When we open completely - could Wednesday and Friday morning players please not use the upper car park in case they get parked in by the afternoon session.
It would be appreciated if you could arrive at least 15 minutes prior to session start times.
No lunch time sessions yet (We break for lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday am sessions - lunches can be ordered at the club (unless it is a public holiday) or you may prefer to bring your own.
Wednesday evenings there are toasted sandwiches available at a cost of $2 per sandwich.
No table fees are payable by QBA youth squad members.
Looking for a partner?
Try signing up with Pianola where our members have had a lot of success. Click here